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TDA7560 Audio Amplifier 4x50W

TDA7560general description:

TDA7560 is a 4 x 45W QUAD BRIDGE car audio amplifier plus HSD. The TDA7560’s inputs are ground-compatible and can stand very high input signals (± 8Vpk) without any performances degradation. If the standard value for the input capacitors (0.1mF) is adopted, the low frequency cut-off will amount to 16 Hz. The TDA7560 is a breakthrough BCD (Bipolar / CMOS / DMOS) technology class AB Audio Power Amplifierin Flexiwatt 25 package designed for high power car radio. The fully complementary P-Channel/N-Channel output structure allows a rail to rail output voltage swing which, combined with high output current and minimised saturation losses sets new power references in the car-radio field, with unparalleled distortion performances.
TDA7560 features: 4 x 50W/4W MAX.4 x 45W/4W EIAJ4 x 30W/4W @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10%4 x 80W/2W MAX.4 x 77W/2W EIAJ4 x 55W/2W @ 14.4V, 1KHz, 10%EXCELLENT 2W DRIVING CAPABILITYHI-FI CLASS DISTORTIONLOW OUTPUT NOISETDA7560 amplifier circuit diagram: T…

4 x 45 W quad bridge car radio amplifier

High output power capability: 4 x 45 W / 4  max. 4 x 26 W / 4  @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10 % Low distortion Low output noise Standby function Mute function Automute at min. supply voltage detection Low external component count: Internally fixed gain (26 dB) No external compensation No bootstrap capacitors
Output short circuit to gnd, to VS, across the load Very inductive loads Overrating chip temperature with soft thermal limiter Load dump voltage Fortuitous open GND Reversed battery ESD
The TDA7388 is an AB class audio power amplifier, packaged in Flexiwatt 25 and designed  for high end car radio applications. Based on a fully complementary PNP/NPN configuration, the TDA7388 allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors. The extremely reduced boundary components count allows very compact sets.

MUTE and ST-BY utilization:

Ciruit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA7388:Download

4 x 45W Audio Power Amplifier

General description:
The TDA8595 is a complementary quad Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio power amplifier made in BCDMOS technology. It contains four independent amplifiers in BTL configuration. Through the I2C-bus, diagnosis of temperature warning and clipping level is fully programmable and the information available via two diagnostic pins is selectable. The status of each amplifier (output offset, load or no load, short-circuit or speaker incorrectly connected) can be read separately.
Features and benefits:
Operates in legacy mode (non I2C-bus) and I2C-bus mode (3.3 V and 5 V compliant)Three hardware-programmable I2C-bus addressesDrive 4  or 2  loadsSpeaker fault detectionIndependent short-circuit protection per channelLoss of ground and open VP safe (with 150 m series impedance and a supply  decoupling capacitor of 2200 F maximum)All outputs short-circuit proof to ground, supply voltage and across the loadAll pins short-circuit proof to groundTemperature-controlled gain reduction to …

4x45W Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram TDA8596

General description:
The TDA8596 is a quad Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio power amplifier with symmetrical inputs, made in BCDMOS technology. It contains four independent amplifier channels in BTL configuration with complementary (PMOST/NMOST) output stages. Temperature warning and output signal clipping diagnosis is possible via the I2C-bus and via the diagnostic pins (DIAG and STB pin). The temperature pre-warning level and clip detection levels can be programmed via the I2C-bus. The status of each amplifier channel (i.e. output offset, load connected or not, short circuit condition at the output pins) can be read out separately.

Operates in legacy mode (non I2C-bus) and I2C-bus mode (3.3 V and 5 V compliant)Three hardware-programmable I2C-bus addressesDrives 4 Ω or 2 Ω loadsBalanced/symmetrical inputsSpeaker fault detectionProgrammable gain (26 dB and 16 dB) also available in legacy modeIndependent short circuit protection per channelLoss of ground and loss of VP safe (with 300…

4 x 45 W power amplifier

General description
The TDA8593J is a complementary quad BTL audio power amplifier made in BCDMOS technology. It contains four independent amplifiers in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Through the I2C-bus, the diagnostic information of each amplifier and speaker can be read separately. Both front and both rear channel amplifiers can be configured independently in line driver mode with a gain of 20 dB.
I2C-bus controlHardware programmable I2C-bus addressCan drive a 2 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 16 V and a 4 Ω load with a battery voltage of up to 18 VDC-load detection: open, short and presentAC-load (tweeter) detectionProgrammable clip detection: 1 % or 3 %Programmable thermal protection pre-warningIndependent short-circuit protection per channelLow gain line driver mode (20 dB)Loss-of-ground and open VP safeAll outputs protected from short-circuit to ground, to VP, or across the loadAll pins protected from short-circuit to groundSoft thermal clipping to prevent a…