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TDA1015 Audio Amplifier 1x4W

TDA1015general description:

The TDA1015 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier circuit in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The device is especially designed for portable radio and recorder applications and delivers up to 4 W in a 4Ω load impedance. The very low applicable supply voltage of 3,6 V permits 6 V spplications.
TDA1015 features:

single in-line (SIL) construction for easy mountingseparated preamplifier and power amplifierhigh output powerthermal protectionhigh input impedancelow current drainlimited noise behaviour at radio frequencies
TDA1015 reference data:

Supply voltage range VP 3,6 to 18 VPeak output current IOM max. 2,5 AOutput power at dtot= 10%VP = 12 V; RL = 4 Ω Po typ. 4,2 WVP = 9 V; RL = 4 Ω Po typ. 2,3 WVP = 6 V; RL = 4 Ω Po typ. 1,0 WTotal harmonic distortion at Po = 1 W; RL = 4 Ω dtot typ. 0,3 %Input impedance preamplifier (pin 8) |Zi | > 100 kΩ power amplifier (pin 6) |Zi| typ. 20 kΩTotal quiescent current Itot typ. 14 mAOperating ambient temperat…

Stereo Tube Amplifier 4 Watts

Stereo tube amplifier circuit which is built based 5 power tubes of 6SQ7-GT, 6V6-GT and 5Y3-GT. This circuit generates up to 4 watts audio output each channel visit page.

LM378 dual4-watt amplifier Mini-stereo

This circuit is built around two chips: the MC1458 dual op amp, configured as a preamplifier, and the LM378 dual4-watt amplifier. The gain of the preamp is given by R3/R1 for one side and R4/R2 for the other side, which is about 100. That gain can be varied by increasing the ratios. The left and right channel inputs are applied to pins 2 and 6. The left and right outputs of U1 at pins 7 and 2 are coupled through CS/ RlO and C3/R6, respectively, to U2 to drive the two 8-0loudspeakers.

4w audio amplifier

Circuit diagram:

Datasheet for TDA1904: Download