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Stereo 300W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram LM SeriesLM 4702BTA

Feature of LM 4702BTA
Very High Voltage Operation
Scalable Output Power
Minimum External Components
External Compensation
Thermal Shutdown and Mute

Typical Audio Amplifier Application Circuit LM 4702BTA

300 watt – 1200 watt MOSFET Amplifier

When you need an amplifier with high watt power. For use in applications such as concert, theater, the festivals etc. This circuit is most suitable. Both Loudness and durability, that courage to try. For this circuit, typically the maximum watt power at load 4 ohm equal to 300 watt. or about 200 watt at load 8 ohm. Which the watt power very much this level. If you are not satisfied. Also may added a higher power.


The TA3020 is a two-channel, 300W (4Ω) per channel Amplifier Driver IC that uses Tripath’s proprietary Digital  Power Processing (DPPTM) technology. Class-T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the power efficiency of Class-D amplifiers.
Class-T architecture Proprietary Digital Power Processing technology “Audiophile” Sound Quality 0.02% THD+N @ 50W, 8Ω 0.03% IHF-IM @ 30W, 8Ω High Efficiency 95% @ 150W @ 8Ω 90% @ 275W @ 4Ω Supports wide range of output power levels Up to 300W/channel (4Ω), single-ended outputs Up to 1000W (4Ω), bridged outputs Output over-current protection Over- and under-voltage protection Thermally Enhanced 48-pin DIP (dual-inline package)Circuit diagram: