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2-W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

DESCRIPTION: The EUA5202 is a stereo audio power amplifier that delivering 2W of continuous RMS power per channel  into 3-Ω loads. When driving 1W into 8-Ω speakers, the  EUA5202 has less than 0.04% THD+N across its  specified frequency range. Included within this device is  integrated de-pop circuitry that virtually eliminates  transients that cause noise in the speakers.  Amplifier gain is externally configured by means of two  resistors per input channel and does not require external  compensation for settings of 2 to 20 in BTL mode (1 to  10 in SE mode). An internal input MUX allows two sets  of stereo inputs to the amplifier. In notebook  applications, where internal speakers are driven as BTL  and the line (often headphone drive) outputs are required  to be SE, the EUA5202 automatically switches into SE  mode when the SE/BTL inputs is activated. Consume  only 7mA of supply current during normal operation,  and the EUA5202 also features a shutdown function for  power sensitive appl…

20W+20W+20W AF Power Amplifier

The STK400-030 is a 3-channel AF power amplifier IC supporting multichannel speakers. One package includes 20W×3ch for Lch, Rch and Cch. It is pin compatible with both 3-channel output devices (STK400-*00 series) and 2- channel output devices (STK401-*00 series). The output load impedance is 6/3Ω.
New series combining 3-channel output devices (STK400-*00 series) and 2-channel output devices (STK401-*00 series) with the same pin compatibility. Output load impedance is 6/3Ω. Pin assignment is grouped into individual blocks of inputs, outputs and supply lines, minimizing the adverse effects of pattern layout on operating characteristics.Minimum number of external components required.Circuit Diagram:

2 x 200W or 400W BTL Power Amplifier

Description STA516B is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology. The device can be used as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting pin CONFIG to pins VDD, as a single  bridge with double-current capability or as a half bridge (binary mode) with half current capability. The device is designed, particularly, to be the  output stage of a stereo all digital high efficiency  amplifier. It is capable of delivering 200 W + 200 W into 6  loads with THD = 10% at VCC = 51 V or, in single BTL configuration, 400 W  into a 3 load with THD = 10% at VCC = 52 V. The input pins have a threshold proportional to the voltage on pin VL. The STA516B is aimed at audio amplifiers in hi-fi applications, such as home theatre systems, active speakers and docking stations. It comes in a 36 pin PowerSO package with exposed pad up (EPU).
Features Low input/output pulse width distortion200 m RdsON complementary DMOS output stageCMOS compatible logic inputsThermal protectionThermal warnin…