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Dual BTL 20W Audio Power Amplifier

The AN7177 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for  Dual BTL audio power amplifier suitable for Hi-Fi and car stereo. 

 High output power (20W x 2)  Incorporating stand-by circuits  Low shock noise from power ON/OFF switching  Fewer external components  Incorporates protection circuits  Highly stable operationCircuit Diagram: Datasheet for AN7177:Download

Dual 20 Watt BTL audio amplifier

General Description:
The AN7198Z is an audio power IC developed for the sound output of car audio (Dual 20 W).A capacitor and a resistor between the output pin and GND to stop oscillation are built-in so that a space saving of set is possible. Also, it is incorporates an industry's first superior muting circuit which is free from shock noise, so that a shock noise design under the set transient condition can be made easily when the muting circuit is used together with its standby function. Circuit diagram:
Datasheet for AN7198:Download

2 x 20 W BTL amplifiers

General Description: The IC incorporates the following functions: 4 × 6 W SE amplifies without SE capacitor, because of the availability of 2 half supply voltage power buffers. 2. 2 × 20 W BTL amplifiers. Automatic switching between 2 and 4 speaker operation. The mode of operation is determined during start-up. This amplifier is protected for all general short-circuit conditions to battery or ground, overvoltage, 45 V load dump and short-circuits on the speaker outputs. The IC is contained in a 20-pin power HSOP package, but is also available in a 17-pin SIL power package. When packaged in the 20-pin HSOP package additional functions are available: DDD level selection between 2 and 10% Overrule pin for changing mode of operation (from SE to BTL or from BTL to SE). Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8586:Download

Two-Channel 20 W BTL Audio Power Amplifier

The LA4628 is a 2-channel general-purpose BTL audio power amplifier provided in a miniature package. It was designed for the best possible audio quality and features an extended low band roll-off frequency provided by a newly-developed NF circuit that does not require an external capacitor. Furthermore, crosstalk, which can cause muddiness in the audio output, has been significantly reduced by both circuit and wiring pattern improvements. Thus this amplifier can provide powerful lows an clear highs. Note that this device is pin compatible with the 13.5 W × 2-channel LA4625, and allows end products differentiated by their power rating to share the same printed circuit board.
Features: Total output: 20 W + 20 W (at VCC = 13.5 V, RL = 4 Ω,THD = 10%)High-fidelity design (fL < 10 Hz, fH = 130 kHz)Extremely low impulse noise levelsAn arbitrary amplifier startup time can be set up with external components.Full complement of built-in protection circuits (includes circuits that prote…

2 x 20 W Class D / 1-Bit Audio Power Output Stage

FEATURES Class D/1-Bit Audio Power Output Stage5 V Analog and Digital Supply VoltagesPower Stage Power Supply 8 V to 20 VOutput Power @ 0.1% THD + NStereo Mode2 20 W @ 4  @ 14.4 V2 20 W @ 8  @ 20 VMono Mode1 40 W @ 4  @ 20 VRON < 320 m (per Transistor)Efficiency > 85% @ Full Power/8 Clickless Mute FunctionTurn-On and Turn-Off Pop SuppressionShort-Circuit ProtectionOvertemperature ProtectionData Loss Protection2-Channel BTL Outputs or4-Channel Single-Ended Outputs52-Lead Exposed Pad TQFP PackageLow Cost DMOS Process
APPLICATIONS: PC Audio SystemsMinicomponentsAutomotive AmplifiersHome Theater SystemsTelevisionsGENERAL DESCRIPTION:
The AD1991 is a 2-channel BTL or 4-channel single-ended class D audio power output stage. The part is configured during reset to be in either 2-channel mode or 4-channel mode. To protect the IC as well as the connected speakers, the AD1991 provides turn-on and turn-off pop suppression, short-circuit protection, and overtemperature shutdown. To control…