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TP2150B 2 x 200 watt power amplifier

2 x 200W or 400W BTL Power Amplifier

Description STA516B is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology. The device can be used as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting pin CONFIG to pins VDD, as a single  bridge with double-current capability or as a half bridge (binary mode) with half current capability. The device is designed, particularly, to be the  output stage of a stereo all digital high efficiency  amplifier. It is capable of delivering 200 W + 200 W into 6  loads with THD = 10% at VCC = 51 V or, in single BTL configuration, 400 W  into a 3 load with THD = 10% at VCC = 52 V. The input pins have a threshold proportional to the voltage on pin VL. The STA516B is aimed at audio amplifiers in hi-fi applications, such as home theatre systems, active speakers and docking stations. It comes in a 36 pin PowerSO package with exposed pad up (EPU).
Features Low input/output pulse width distortion200 m RdsON complementary DMOS output stageCMOS compatible logic inputsThermal protectionThermal warnin…


The TDA2075A is a two-channel, amplifier driver, that uses Tripath’s proprietary Digital Power Processing  (DPPTM) technology. The TDA2075A offers higher integration over previous Tripath amplifiers driver  chipsets while providing exceptional audio performance for real world applications. Class-T amplifiers  offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the power efficiency of Class-D amplifiers.  The TDA2075A is typically configured as a split-supply, single-ended, stereo amplifier. The TDA2075A  can also be configured single-supply, single-ended, stereo amplifier, via external component choice. For applications that require bridged output drive, please refer to the TDA1400. 
Powered DVD Players Mini-Compo Systems Audio/Video Amplifiers & Receivers Multimedia Speakers 
Reduced system cost with smaller/less  expensive power supply and heat sink Signal fidelity equal to high quality Class-AB amplifiers High dynamic range compatible with digit…