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Stereo 2.7-W Audio Power Amplifier

Features: Low Operating Current with 14mA ImprovedDepop Circuitry to Eliminate Turn-on and Turn-off Transients in Outputs High PSRR 32 Steps VolumeAdjustable by DC Voltage with Hysteresis 2W per Channel Output Power into 4W Load at 5V, BTL Mode Two Output ModesAllowable with BTL and SE Modes Selected by SE/BTL pin Low Current Consumption in Shutdown Mode (50mA) Short Circuit Protection Power Off Depop Circuit Integration PDIP-16 & SOP-16 PackagesAvailable Lead FreeAvailable (RoHS Compliant)

General Description:
APA2065 is a monolithic integrated circuit, which provides precise DC volume control, and a stereo bridged audio power amplifiers capable of producing 2.7W(2.0W) into 3W withless than10%(1.0%)THD+N. The attenuatorrange of the volumecontrol inAPA2065 is from 20dB (DC_Vol=0V) to -80dB (DC_Vol=3.54V) with 32 steps. The advantage of internal gain setting can be less components and PCB area. Both of the depop circuitry and the thermal shutdown protection circuitry are integrated in APA2065, …