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18W Class-B Audio Amplifier with Tone Controls

18W Class-B Audio Amplifier with Tone ControlsGeneral Description for 18W Class-B Audio Amplifier with Tone Controls The particular circuit configuration, allowed to push the NE5534 exceptional capacity of driving the output transistors near to its limits, enabling the whole amplifier to deliver relatively high power outputs without problems. Despite the complication added by the tone controls, the amplifier has an input sensitivity of 130mV RMS, allowing to connect directly to its input the most disparate audio sources without the need for a separate preamplifier. For this reason, it was possible to obtain 18W into an 8 Ohm load using a power supply voltage of +/- 20V. In order to satisfy repeated requests by correspondents, a medium power audio amplifier incorporating tone controls in the feedback path was finally designed.Total Harmonic Distortion figures are astonishingly low, much lower than comparable audio amplifiers using a single-IC audio amp. To avoid an excessive increase …