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100W Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit DesignAudio Filter Design: Here we designed a Sallen Key low pass filter using OPAMP LM7332. The cut off frequency was assumed to be 200Hz and the Quality factor is assumed to be 0.707.  Also assuming the number of poles to be equal to 1 and value of C1 to be equal to 0.1uF, value of C2 can be calculated to be 0.1uF.  Assuming R1 and R2 to be same, the value can be found by substituting known values in the equation R1 = R2 = Q/(2*pi*fc*C2) This gives a value of 5.6K for each resistor. Here we select 6K resistors as R1 and R2. Since we want a closed loop gain filter, we do not require resistors at the non inverting terminal, which is shorted to the output terminal. Pre Amplifier Design: The preamplifier is based on class A operation of transistor 2N222A.  Since the required output power is 100W and load resistor is 4 Ohms, here we require a supply voltage of 30V.  Assuming the collector quiescent current to be 1mA and collector quiescent voltage to be half of supp…

100W Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

Description for Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit: This is a circuit diagram designed with transitors, designed specially for subwoofer amplifiers, and can produce a power output 100W. 
Circuit diagram for  Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit: