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Dual channel 46 W/2 Ω, single channel 92 W/1 Ω amplifier

General description: The TDA1566 is a car audio power amplifier with a complementary output stage realized in BCDMOS. The TDA1566 has two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) output stages and comes in a HSOP24 or DBS27P package. The TDA1566 can be controlled with or without I2C-bus. With I2C-bus control gain settings per channel and diagnostic trigger levels can be selected. Failure conditions as well as load identification can be read with I2C-bus. The load identification detects whether the outputs of a BTL channel are connected with a DC or AC load and discriminates between a speaker load, a line driver load and an open (unconnected) load. The TDA1566 can be configured in a single BTL mode and drive a 1 Ω load. For the single BTL mode it is necessary to connect on the Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) the outputs of both BTL channels in parallel.
Features: Operates in I2C-bus mode and non-I2C-bus modeTH version: four I2C-bus addresses controlled by two pins; J version: two I2C-bus addresses controlled b…