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Class-H high-output voltage level line driver

General Description: The TDA8576T is a two channel class-H high-output voltage line driver for use in car audio applications. The line driver operates as a non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 6 dB and a single-ended output. Due to the class-H voltage lifting principle the voltage swing over the load is more than the supply voltage. With a supply voltage of 9 V the output voltage swing over the load will be more than 14 V (peak-to-peak). The TDA8576T is available in a SO16 package. Line drivers are necessary in car audio systems in which the power amplifiers are driven by long cables. The signal-to-noise ratio of these car audio systems is improved by using the TDA8576T class-H high-output level line driver. The high-output level of TDA8576T enables a reduction of the gain of the power amplifier resulting in an improvement of the power amplifier performance. Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8576:Download

2 x 20 W BTL amplifiers

General Description: The IC incorporates the following functions: 4 × 6 W SE amplifies without SE capacitor, because of the availability of 2 half supply voltage power buffers. 2. 2 × 20 W BTL amplifiers. Automatic switching between 2 and 4 speaker operation. The mode of operation is determined during start-up. This amplifier is protected for all general short-circuit conditions to battery or ground, overvoltage, 45 V load dump and short-circuits on the speaker outputs. The IC is contained in a 20-pin power HSOP package, but is also available in a 17-pin SIL power package. When packaged in the 20-pin HSOP package additional functions are available: DDD level selection between 2 and 10% Overrule pin for changing mode of operation (from SE to BTL or from BTL to SE). Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8586:Download

2 x 80 W class-D audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8927 is the switching power stage of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is split into two chips:  • TDA8927J/ST/TH; a digital power stage in a DBS17P, RDBS17P or HSOP24 power package • TDA8929T; the analog controller chip in a SO24 package.      With this chip set a compact 2 × 80 W audio amplifier system can be built, operating with high efficiency and very low dissipation. No heatsink is required, or depending on supply voltage and load, a very small one. The system operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±15 up to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current. Circuit Diagram:

Power stage 2 x 10 or 1 x 20 W class-D audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8928J is a switching power stage for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. With this power stage a compact 2 × 10 W self oscillating digital amplifier system can be built, operating with high efficiency and very low dissipation. No heatsink is required. The system operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±7.5 V up to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current.
Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8928:Download

Controller class-D audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8929T is the controller of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is divided into two chips: • TDA8929T; the analog controller chip in a SO24 package • TDA8926J/ST/TH or TDA8927J/ST/TH; a digital power stage in a DBS17P, RDBS17P or HSOP24 power package. With this chip set a compact 2 × 50 W or 2 × 100 W audio amplifier system can be built, operating with high efficiency and very low dissipation. No heatsink is required, or depending on supply voltage and load, a very small one. The system operates over a wide supply voltage range from ±15 up to ±30 V and consumes a very low quiescent current.
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA8929T:Download

TDA8931 Power comparator 1 × 20 W

General Description: The TDA8931 is a switching power stage for high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier systems. It contains a Single-Ended (SE) power stage, drive logic, protection control logic, a full differential input comparator and a HVP charger to charge the SE capacitor. With this amplifier a compact 1 × 20 W closed loop self-oscillating digital amplifier system can be built. The TDA8931 has a high efficiency so that a heat sink is not required up to 20 W (RMS). The system operates on an asymmetrical and a symmetrical supply voltage.
Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA8931:Download

6 W mono Bridge Tied Load

General Description: The TDA8943SF is a single-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 6 W at an 8 Ω load and a 12 V supply. The circuit contains a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifier with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8943SF comes in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) medium power package. The TDA8943SF is printed-circuit board (PCB) compatible with all other types in the TDA894x family. One PCB footprint accommodates both the mono and the stereo products.
Circuit diagram: Datasheet for TDA8943:Download

2 x 7 W stereo audio amplifier

General Description: The TDA8944J is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 2 × 7 W at an 8 Ω load and a 12 V supply. The circuit contains two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifiers with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8944J comes in a 17-pin DIL-bent-SIL (DBS) power package. The TDA8944J is printed-circuit board (PCB) compatible with all other types in the TDA894x family. One PCB footprint accommodates both the mono and the stereo products. Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA8944:Download

2 x 15 W stereo Bridge Tied Load (BTL) audio amplifier

General description:
The TDA8946J is a dual-channel audio power amplifier with an output power of 2 × 15 W at an 8 Ω load and a 18 V supply. The circuit contains two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) amplifiers with an all-NPN output stage and standby/mute logic. The TDA8946J comes in a 17-pin DIL-bent-SIL (DBS) power package. The TDA8946J is printed-circuit board (PCB) compatible with all other types in the TDA894x family. One PCB footprint accommodates both the mono and the stereo products.

Few external componentsFixed gainStandby and mute modeNo on/off switching plopsLow standby currentHigh supply voltage ripple rejectionOutputs short-circuit protected to ground, supply and across the loadThermally protectedPrinted-circuit board compatibleCircuit Diagram: PCB layout:

Datasheet for TDA8946J:Download

Audio FM processor for VHS hi-fi audio

General Description: The TDA9610H is a dual audio FM processing IC for VHS hi-fi audio, digitally controlled via the I2C-bus. The FM (de)modulator and peak noise reduction functions are highly integrated, resulting in few external components and adjustments.  In addition special functions for audio editing, mixing and dubbing have been implemented.  Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA9610H:Download

Dual channel TV FM intercarrier sound demodulator

General Description: The TDA9821 is a monolithic, integrated, TV FM intercarrier sound demodulator for all FM standards. The circuit contains two separate FM demodulators using Phase Locked Loop (PLL) reference frequency generation. The circuit requires a minimum number of  external components. Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA9821:Download

AM-demodulator and audio source switch

General Description:
The TDA9830, a monolithic integrated circuit, is designed for AM-sound demodulation used in L- and L’-standard. The IC provides an audio source selector and also mute switch.
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA9830:Download

TV and VTR stereo/dual sound processor with digital identification

General Description: The TDA9847 is a stereo/dual sound processor for TV and VTR sets. Its identification ensures safe operation by using internal digital PLL technique with extremely small bandwidth, synchronous detection and digital integration (switching time maximum 2.0 s; identification concerning the main functions). Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA9847:Download

SAP decoder and audio processor

The TDA9852 is a bipolar-integrated BTSC stereo decoder with hi-fi audio processor (I2C-bus controlled) for application in TV sets, VCRs and multimedia.

Circuit Diagram:

Stereo Decoder and Audio Processor

The TDA9853H is a bipolar-integrated BTSC stereo decoder and audio processor for application in TV sets, VCRs and multimedia PCs.

Circuit Diagram:

Universal HiFi audio processor for TV

General Description:

The TDA9861 provides control facilities for the main, the headphone and the SCART channel of a TV set. Due to extended switching possibilities, signals from 3 stereo sources can be handled.

Circuit Diagram:

Stereo Sound Decoder

General Description:
The TDA9873H is an economic multistandard dual FM demodulator and analog carrier stereo decoder with I2C-bus control.
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA9873:Download

Digital TV sound demodulator/decoder

• Sound IF (SIF) input switch
• SIF AGC with 24 dB control range
• Switchable 10 dB SIF input attenuator
• SIF 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
• Easy TV standard programming option
• Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (DQPSK) demodulation for different standards, simultaneously with 1-channel FM demodulation
• NICAM decoding (B/G, D/K, I and L standard)
• 2-carrier multi-standard FM demodulation (B/G, D/K and M standard)
• Single carrier high deviation FM mono demodulation mode
• Decoding for three analog multi-channel systems (A2) and satellite sound
• Adaptive de-emphasis for satellite
• Programmable identification (B/G, D/K and M standard) and different identification times
• FM pilot carrier presence detector
• Optional AM demodulation for system L, simultaneously with NICAM
• Monitor selection for FM/AM demodulator outputs and FM and NICAM signals with peak option
• Automatic FM dematrixing option
• Digital crossbar switch
• I2S-bus serial audio output w…

TDA9875 Digital TV Sound Processor


The TDA9875 is a single-chip Digital TV Sound Processor (DTVSP) for analog and digital multi-channel sound systems in TV sets and satellite receivers.
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA9875:Download

FM sound IF-PLL demodulator

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA9880(T) is an integrated circuit for multistandard vision IF signal processing and FM demodulation in TV and VTR sets. Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA9880:Download

I 2C-bus controlled multistandard alignment-free IF-PLL demodulator with FM radio

FEATURES: • 5 V supply voltage • Gain controlled wide-band Vision Intermediate Frequency (VIF) amplifier, AC-coupled • Multistandard true synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration: very linear demodulation, good intermodulation figures, reduced harmonics, and excellent pulse response • Gated phase detector for L and L-accent standard • Fully integrated VIF Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), alignment-free, frequencies switchable for all negative and positive modulated standards via I2C-bus • Digital acquisition help, VIF frequencies of 33.4, 33.9, 38.0, 38.9, 45.75, and 58.75 MHz • 4 MHz reference frequency input: signal from Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) tuning system or operating as crystal oscillator • VIF Automatic Gain Control (AGC) detector for gain control, operating as peak sync detector for negative modulated signals and as a peak white detector for positive modulated signals • VIF-AGC monitor output at pin OP2 • External VIF-AGC setting via pin OP1 • Precise fully digital A…

Interference and noise suppression circuit for FM receivers TDA1001B

The TDA1001B is a monolithic integrated circuit for suppressing interference and noise in FM mono and stereo receivers.
• Active low-pass and high-pass filters
• Interference pulse detector with adjustable and controllable response sensitivity
• Noise detector designed for FM i.f. amplifiers with ratio detectors or quadrature detectors
• Schmitt trigger for generating an interference suppression pulse
• Active pilot tone generation (19 kHz)
• Internal voltage stabilization
Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA1001B:Download

5-band stereo equalizer circuit

FEATURES: • Monolithic integrated 5-band stereo equalizer circuit • Five filters for each channel • Centre frequency, bandwidth and maximum boost/cut defined by external components • Choise for variable or constant Q-factor via I2C software • Defeat mode • All stages are DC-coupled • I2C-bus control for all functions • Two different modul addresses programmable.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The 5-band stereo equalizer is an 12C-bus controlled tone processor for application in car radio sets, TV sets and music centres. It offers the possibility of sound control as well as equalization of sound pressure behaviour of different rooms or loudspeakers, especially in cars.
Circuit diagram:
Datasheet for TEA6360:Download

Integrated Circuit Module Hybrid Audio Output 4.5W for Car Radio & CB

Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25°C unless otherwise specified)
Power Supply Voltage, VCC - 18V
Power Dissipation (TC = +75°C), PD - 4.5W
Operating Temperature Range, Topr  −20° to +75°C
Storage Temperature Range, Tstg   −55° to +125°C

2-W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

DESCRIPTION: The EUA5202 is a stereo audio power amplifier that delivering 2W of continuous RMS power per channel  into 3-Ω loads. When driving 1W into 8-Ω speakers, the  EUA5202 has less than 0.04% THD+N across its  specified frequency range. Included within this device is  integrated de-pop circuitry that virtually eliminates  transients that cause noise in the speakers.  Amplifier gain is externally configured by means of two  resistors per input channel and does not require external  compensation for settings of 2 to 20 in BTL mode (1 to  10 in SE mode). An internal input MUX allows two sets  of stereo inputs to the amplifier. In notebook  applications, where internal speakers are driven as BTL  and the line (often headphone drive) outputs are required  to be SE, the EUA5202 automatically switches into SE  mode when the SE/BTL inputs is activated. Consume  only 7mA of supply current during normal operation,  and the EUA5202 also features a shutdown function for  power sensitive appl…



2 W Into 3-Ω Speakers (THD+N< 0.4%) < 0.08% THD+N at 1 W, 1 kHz, Into 4-Ω LoadExtremely Efficient Third Generation 5-V lass-D Technology:Low Supply Current (No Filter) . . . 8 mALow Supply Current (Filter) . . . 15 mALow Shutdown Current . . . 1 µALow Noise Floor . . . 56 µVRMSMaximum Efficiency Into 3 Ω, 65-70%Maximum Efficiency Into 8 Ω, 75-85%4 Internal Gain Settings . . . 8-23.5 dBPSRR . . . -77 dBIntegrated Depop CircuitryDescription: The TPA2000D2 is the third generation 5-V class-D amplifier from Texas Instruments. Improvements to previous generation devices include: lower supply current, lower noise floor, better efficiency, four different gain settings, smaller packaging, and fewer external components. The most significant advancement with this device is its modulation scheme that allows the amplifier to operate without the output filter. Eliminating the output filter saves the user approximately 30% in system cost and 75% in PCB area. The TPA2000D2 is a monoli…

Dual Low Noise Preamplifier


Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7313:Download

One Chip AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier

Description: The integrated circuit TDA1083 includes, with exception of the FM front end, a complete AM-/FM-radio-circuit with audio power amplifier. An internal Z-diode stabilizes the supply voltage at VS 13 V, which allows with the aid of a resistor and a rectifier, the circuit to be driven by a higher external supply voltage.
Features: Large supply voltage range VS = 3 to 12 VHigh AM-SensitivityLimiting threshold voltage Vi = 50 VAudio output power P0 = 0.7 WAFC-connection for VHF-tunerAM-FM switching without high frequency voltages
Applications: AM-/FM- and audio-amplifierCircuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA1083:Download


Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA1905:Download

4 x 45 W quad bridge car radio amplifier

High output power capability: 4 x 45 W / 4  max. 4 x 26 W / 4  @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10 % Low distortion Low output noise Standby function Mute function Automute at min. supply voltage detection Low external component count: Internally fixed gain (26 dB) No external compensation No bootstrap capacitors
Output short circuit to gnd, to VS, across the load Very inductive loads Overrating chip temperature with soft thermal limiter Load dump voltage Fortuitous open GND Reversed battery ESD
The TDA7388 is an AB class audio power amplifier, packaged in Flexiwatt 25 and designed  for high end car radio applications. Based on a fully complementary PNP/NPN configuration, the TDA7388 allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors. The extremely reduced boundary components count allows very compact sets.

MUTE and ST-BY utilization:

Ciruit Diagram: Datasheet for TDA7388:Download

High Gain, Low Noise Amplifier

Circuit Diagram:
DataSheet for SMA428A:

Tone control and surround digitally controlled audio processor with AGC

Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA7443:Download


Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for STA001:Download

Dual audioprocessor with compander and subwoofer output

Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA7462D:Download


General Description:
The TDA 7511 is a high performance tuner circuit for AM/FM car radio. It contains mixers, IF amplifiers, demodulators for AM and FM, quality detection, ISS filter and PLL synthesizer with IF counter on a single chip.
Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7511:Download

Low noise dual operational amplifier

Features: Low voltage noise: 4.5 nV/√HzHigh gain bandwidth product: 15 MHzHigh slew rate: 7 V/µsLow distortion: 0.002%Excellent frequency stabilityESD protection 2 kV
General Description:
The LM833 is a monolithic dual operational amplifier particularly well-suited to audio applications. It offers low voltage noise (4.5 nV/√Hz) and high  frequency performances (15 MHz gain bandwidth  product, 7 V/µs slew rate). In addition, the LM833 has a very low distortion  (0.002%) and excellent phase/gain margins.
Circuit Diagram: Datasheet for LM833:Download

Digitally controlled audio processor with surround sound matrix and voice canceller

General Description: The TDA7430/TDA7431 is volume tone (bass middle and treble) balance (Left/Right) processors voice canceller for quality audio applications in car radio and Hi-Fi systems. The reproduce surround sound by using programmable phase shifters and a signal matrix. Control of all functions is accomplished by serial bus. The AC signal setting is botained by resisstor networks and switches combined with operational amplifiers.  Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA7430:Download

10 + 10W stereo amplifier with mute and st-by

Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7269:Download

70V - 60W DMOS Audio Amplifier

General Description: The TDA7296 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt15 package, intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications (Home Stereo, self powered loudspeakers, Topclass TV)
Circuit Diagram:


Circuit Diagram:

Datasheet for TDA7298: Download

Serial bus controlled audio processor

Circuit Diagram:
Datasheet for TDA7310:Download


Stereo Decoder TDA7338

TDA7348 Digitally controlled audio processor

Features: Input multiplexerThree stereo and one mono inputsSelectable input gain for optimal adaptation to different sourcesVolume control in 0.3db steps including gain up to 20dBZero crossing mute and direct mutePause detector with programmable thresholdSoft mute controlled by software or hardware PINBass and treble controlFour speaker attenuatorsFour independent speakers control in 1.25dB steps for balance and fader facilitiesIndependent mute functionAll functions programmable via serial I2C bus  Description
The TDA7348 is an upgrade of the TDA7318 audioprocessor. Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS technology, very low distortion, low noise and DC-stepping are obtained. Due to a highly linear signal processing, using CMOS-switching techniques  instead of standard bipolar multipliers, very low distortion and very low noise are obtained Several new features like softmute, zero-crossing mute and pause detector are implemented. The Soft Mute function can be activated in two  ways, either via …