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30W Power Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Description: TIP141 si a npn silicon power darling tons designed for complementary use with TIP145, TIP146 and TP147. Can stand up to 125 W at 25°C Case Temperature, 10 A Continuous Collector Currentand has a minimum hFE of 1000 at 4 V, 5 A. This home audio amplifier can output 30W with a +- 32V symmetric power supply. If you want a stereo power amplifier please check out the other schematics. Features:
Circuit diagram:

Layout PartlistR1=1KohmR16-17=270ohmD1=9.1V 0.4W zenerR2=47KohmR18=22ohm 1WD2-3=1N4148R3=1.5KohmR19=NCQ1-2=BC550CR4-5=10KohmR20-21=0.39ohm 4WQ3=MPSA56R6=5.6KohmTR1=250ohm trimmerQ4=BC547BR7=10ohmC1=470nF 100V MKTQ5=BC212R8=47KohmC2=1nF 100V MKTQ6=BC183R9=560ohmC3=68pF ceramicQ7-8=MPSAO6R10-11=8.2KohmC4-8=22nF 100V MKTQ9=TIP141R12-15=120ohmC5-6-7=100nF 100V MKTQ10=TIP146R13=680ohmC9=47uF 25VF1-2=1.6AT FUSER14=330ohmC10-11=220uF 63VAll the resistors is 1/4W 1%except quote differently

100W Subwoofer Amplifier

Features for 100W Subwoofer Amplifier:
Output power (f=1 KHz, d=0.5 %): 100 W in 8 ohmSupply voltage: ................ СЃ 40 VQuiescent current: ............. 50 mAMaximum current: ............... 2.6 ASensitivity: . 600 mVFrequency response: ............ 10-35000 Hz (-1 dB)Distortion HD: ................. 0.01 %Intermodulation dist.: ......... 0.02 %Signal/noise: 83 dBConstruction
Circuit diagram for 100W Subwoofer Amplifier:more info to orifinal article sourse

100 Watt MOSFET Amplifier Circuit

Circuit Descpription MOSFET based amplifiers as we all know are outstanding with their sound qualities and they can easilly beat the performance of other counterparts based on power transistors or linear ICs. However amplifiers based on mosfets are not always easy to design or make. Circuit Diagram

100 Watt Amplifier Circuit Using Transistors

Circuit Description

     A amplifier incorporating an input filter stage, an intermediate driver stage and a powerful symmetrical output stage consisting of the versatile 2N3055 power transistors. The circuit efficiently drives a 100 watt 4 Ohms speaker with inputs derived from any audio source like a cell phone or DVD player etc.      100 watt amplifier circuit using 2N3055 transistors, a prior understanding of the involved circuit configuration would be very handy, let’s begin the explanation with the following points:      A quick glance at the given circuit diagram makes us conclude that the output configuration is not symmetrical, since the transistors T15 and T16 are both NPN types.      The input stage of the circuit begins or initiates with a symmetrical differential preamplifier stage consisting of the transistors T1, T2 and T3, T4. T5 and T6 are positioned as the current sources which are further extended as the driver stage consisting of the transistors T7 and T8. However …

200W Audio Amplifier

General Description: This complete high quality, low noise mono audio power amplifier is based around the Hybrid Integrated Circuit STK4050 manufactured by Sanyo. The circuit incorporates volume and has a maximum music output power of 200W.The circuit incorporates an on board power supply; therefore, only centre tapped transformer is required to power the circuit. I t has very good quality sound. U can use it with your Home Theatre your PC & etc... You can also use it as Subwoofer Amplifier. It is a compact package for THIN-TYPE Audio sets. Easy Heatsink design to disperse heat generated in THIN-TYPE audio sets. Constant-Current circuit to Reduce supply switch-ON and switch-OFF shock noise. External supply switch-On and switch-OFF shock noise muting, Load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailored-designed.
Features: Output Power : 200WattsLoad Resistance : 8ohmsInput impedance : 55KMaximum supply voltage : (+95v)-0-(-95v)Recommended supply voltage…

100W Audio Amplifier with MUTE/ST-BY

General description:
VS - Supply Voltage (No Signal) ±50 VIO - Output Peak Current 10 APtot - Power Dissipation Tcase= 70°C 50 WTop - Operating Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 70 °CTstg,- Tj Storage and Junction Temperature 150 °C
Amplifier circuit diagram:

Layout circuit diagram:

100w audio amplifier

General description: All resistors are standard metal film 250mW except: R1/3/4/7, these are 2W metal film, and the 0.22ohm beeing 5W. Around R7 is wounded a 0.6mm isolated (enamelled) copper wire forming the output coil. (~12 windings)  For c19 i used 470uf/16v, all other electrolytics 63v. The 10/100/330pF should be mica-caps. The 100nf and 47nf is recommended to be Wima MKS2 (or better), also for C1 i suggest Wima MKS2, 4.7uf is enough. For Trimpot i use a Piher. The MPSA18 can be substituted by BC550C, for all other parts i do not recommend changes, especially the feedback network (r29/30) should be kept unchanged, feedback compensation is very delicate for this circuit ! Be careful when substituting the MPSA18 with BC550C, the pinout is reversed between these 2 transistors !!! The bias is adjusted via the trimpot (R22). Recommended bias is 55ma, resulting in 12mv across a single 0.22ohms or 24mv across both 0.22ohms. Connect a DMM to the upper wires of these resistors and adjust …