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DipTrace Software

Automated system through designing electrical circuits and PCB layout.
Simple and easy DipTrace does not require a learning curve and is perfect for small amateur handicrafts. The program consists of the following modules: Schematic (to create a multi-sheet multi-level circuits with built-in simple simulation), PCB Layout (development boards using manual or automatic routing systems and components optimize the location and size of boards), Pattern Editor and Component Editor (to edit buildings and the components, respectively.) DipTrace contains the minimum possible number of controls when working editable objects are highlighted, thus providing an assessment of the situation. Changing one element or circuit board is reflected in all its dependent objects. Autorouter copes with complex multilayer boards that have different types of radio components and support files Specctra DSN / SES lets you connect an outside breeder. The program conducts numerous inspections of the project (new items in the library, affordability and integrity of connections, clearances, dimensions) at various stages of work that can detect and fix errors "on the fly." Creating a SPICE netlist to simulate project allows any external simulator, export / import functions make it possible to continue to work in other applications (P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD, Eagle), as well as use netlists Accel, Mentor, Allegro, Tango and Protel. DipTrace board in exports necessary for the production formats DXF, Gerber RS-274X (with support for TrueType fonts and raster monochrome images), Excellon N / C Drill. Standard library programs include more than 100 000 items from the most reputable manufacturers and convenient development tools allow yourself a few minutes to produce radio parts of any size and complexity. Thanks to a set of three-dimensional models of buildings can be built in the space of the rotating 3D-picture appearance of the final product.

 Since the development of DipTrace programmers engaged in domestic and radio electronics, it is expected that the program itself, textbook, reference materials and other more completely in Russian. DipTrace was created by OOO "Novarm" and distributed in Russia through partner company JSC "Softline".

In addition to the maximum version DipTrace Full, there are versions of Extended, Standard, Lite Starter and different number of available pins, signal layers and, of course, price. To assess the capabilities of the program, you can download a 30-day trial. There is also a crack software, an extensive library of 3D-models of buildings and detailed tutorial from the manufacturer in Russian, which describes step by step all the stages of the development board. In addition, there is a special free version of DipTrace Freeware limited to 300 pins and two layers.

DipTrace operating systems: Linux, Mac OS and Windows NT, 2000, HP, Vista, 7 (32 - and 64 - bit). Manufacturer does not recommend the package to run on Windows 95, 98 and ME. Also, the program does not work in Windows 8, even when activated compatibility mode

Distribution of the program: Freeware (free with limitations) and Shareware (fee required), price - 600 rubles
Official site DipTrace:


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