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TDA8932 Audio Amplifier 2x15 W

TDA8932general description: The TDA8932 is a high efficiency class-D amplifier with low power dissipation. The typical output power is 2 × 15 W in stereo half-bridge application (RL = 4 Ω) or 1 × 30 W typical in full-bridge application (RL = 8 Ω). Due to the low power dissipation the device can be used without any external heat sink when playing music. If proper cooling via the printed-circuit board is implemented, a continuous output power of 2 × 15 W is feasible. Due to the implementation of thermal foldback, even for high supply voltages and/or lower load impedances, the device remains operating with considerable music output power without the need for an external heat sink. The device has two full-differential inputs driving two independent outputs. It can be used as mono full-bridge configuration (BTL) or as stereo half-bridge configuration (SE).
TDA8932 features:
Operating voltage from 10 V to 36 V asymmetrical or ±5 V to ±18 V symmetricalMono-bridged tied load (full-bridge) or stereo…

LA4440 Audio Amplifier 2x6w / 1x19W

LA4440general description:
So it's a very simple audio amplifier based on the LA4440 Integrated Circuits and this will take your computer’s headphone level output and amplify it to drive a pair of external speakers. This project is destinated for all that are listening to music or movies on laptops and computers or car. This circuit uses an LA4440 and some supporting components to give you much more power, while retaining a small package that you can use. The IC is a dual channel audio power amplifier, with low distortion, and a good frequency range.
Using 2 channels, the LA4440 will output 6 watts per channel, that can drive much larger speakers than a laptop can hold. When you set up a small enclosure(s), a 12V power supply, and an audio jack connection to the laptop you’ll have a nice enhancement to your laptop audio enjoyment.
LA4440 features:
Built-in 2 channels (dual) enabling use in stereo and bridgeamplifier applications.Dual : 6W×2 (typ.)Bridge : 19W (typ.)Minimun number of e…

TDA8551 Audio Ampllifier 1 x 1 W

TDA8551general description: The TDA8551; TDA8551T is a one channel 1 W  Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) audio power amplifier capable of  delivering 1 W output power to an 8 Ω load at THD = 10%  using a 5 V power supply. The circuit contains a BTL  power amplifier, a digital volume control and standby/mute  logic. The TDA8551T comes in an 8 pin SO package and the TDA8551 in a 8 pin DIP package.
TDA8551 features:
One pin digital volume controlVolume setting with UP/DOWN pulsesFlexibility in useFew external componentsLow saturation voltage of output stageStandby mode controlled by CMOS compatible levelsLow standby currentNo switch-on/switch-off plopsHigh supply voltage ripple rejectionProtected against electrostatic dischargeOutputs short circuit safe to ground, VP and across the loadThermally protected.
TDA8551aplications: Portable consumer productsPersonal computersTelephonyTDA8551circuit diagram: TDA8551pcb layout: