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Multi-purpose high-gain power amplifier

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  • High gain
  • Operating voltage from 8 to 28 V
  • Low distortion
  • Few external components, fixed gain
  • High output power
  • Can be used as a stereo amplifier in bridge-tied load (BTL) or quad single-ended (SE) amplifiers
  • Single-ended mode without loudspeaker capacitor
  • Mute and standby mode with one- or two-pin operation
  • Diagnostic information for Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD), high temperature (145 °C) and short-circuit
  • No switch on/off plops when switching between ‘standby’ to ‘mute’ and from ‘mute’ to ‘on’
  • Low offset variation at outputs between ‘mute’ and ‘on’
  • Fast mute on supply voltage drops.
  • Reverse polarity safe (with protection diode added)
  • Short-circuit proof to ground, positive supply voltage on all pins and across load
  • ESD protected on all pins
  • Thermal protection against temperatures exceeding 150 °C
  • Load dump protection
  • Protected against open-circuit ground pins and output short-circuited to supply ground.

General Description

The TDA8581 is a stereo bridge-tied load (BTL) or a quad single-ended amplifier that operates over a wide supply voltage range from 8 to 28 V. This makes it suitable for many applications, such as car radios, television and home-sound systems. Because of an internal voltage buffer, this device can be used without a capacitor connected in series with the load (SE application). A combined BTL and 2 × SE application can also be configured.

Circuit Diagram
Multi-purpose high-gain power amplifier



4 x 13 W single-ended power amplifiers

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Requires very few external components
High output power
Fixed gain
Diagnostic facility (distortion, short-circuit and temperature detection)
Good ripple rejection
Mode select switch (operating, mute and standby)
AC and DC short-circuit safe to ground and to VP
Low power dissipation in any short-circuit condition
Thermally protected
Reverse polarity safe
Electrostatic discharge protection
No switch-on/switch-off plop
Flexible leads
Low thermal resistance
Identical inputs.


The TDA8511J is an integrated class-B output amplifier in a 17-lead DIL-bent-SIL power package. It contains 4 × 13 W single-ended amplifiers.

Circuit Diagram:
4 x 13 W single-ended power amplifiers