TDA7294 Audio Amplifier 2 x 80W

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TDA7294 general description:
This circuit described here uses two cis tda 7294 for use in stereo (2 x 80Watts) or bridge mode (1x 180 Watts), to configure this setting just four jumpers. To facilitate mounting the circuit has power supply attached. The power is kind of simple symmetrical with a bridge rectifier 6A, and two large electrolytic capacitors , 10000μF the 22000μF/50v. This Power supply will for the two modules. The processor is recommended 22-0-22 to 28-0-28 / 5A, depending on the quality of the transformer is recommended at least 6 amps of current.

TDA7294 features:
  • High power performances with limited supply voltage level.
  • Considerably high output power even with high load values (i.e. 16 Ohm).
  • Rl= 8 Ohm, 
  • Vs = ±25V 
  • Pmax = 150 W
  • Rl=16Ohm, 
  • Vs = ±35V 

TDA7294 circuit diagram:
TDA7294 circuit diagram

TDA7294 layout:
TDA7294 layout
TDA7294 pcb:
TDA7294 pcb

Datasheet for TDA7294: Download

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